Sabrina Frederick, Director

I am getting ready to celebrate my seventh year (June 2016) as your director of the Fort Branch-Johnson Township Public Library.   Lois Kissel, my predecessor and friend, left the library in great shape for me to just step in and take over.  I am sure she would agree with me that it just couldn’t be accomplished without the efforts of the library staff.   Anita, Donna, Jan, Crystal, Nancy, Kris, Linda S., Linda K., and Julia offer services and programs with a smile in helping you with your library needs.  I just can’t say enough good things about them.  A director’s success can only be measured by the work ethic of a great staff. 

A director also needs a board of trustees that values the presence of a public library in a community.  I have a board that is receptive to new progressive thoughts and ideas for new services.   For two little hometown communities, I think we do very well in keeping up with our big city counterparts.

It is my hope, that you, too, appreciate the library.  The library has evolved into more than just dispensing books and quietly studying.  There are not only books, but magazines, newspapers, e-books, and videos can be found here.  There is a computer lab for public use, genealogy classes, basic Internet classes, and children’s programs.  You will not find the crabby librarian with a pencil stuck in her bun, shushing you on every move.  What you will find is a smiling face, ready to have a laugh with you or to ask how your day is going, as you are being helped at the front desk.

My office door is always open to you.  My main office is in the Fort Branch Library but am at the Haubstadt Library every Wednesday.

Me and Dixie in front of Edinburgh Castle, ScotlandNow you are probably wondering, “What’s up with the caricature, Sabrina?”  I happen to be a fan of caricature if they are done well.  When it was suggested to me to have my caricature posted instead of a picture of me on the website, I jumped on it.   This one is a photo caricature of me and my toy poodle, Dixie, standing in front of Edinburgh Castle in Scotland.  I had enjoyed my trip there and just had Dixie added.

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