Meeting Room

There is a beautiful meeting room in the Fort Branch Learning Center, right next to the library in Fort Branch. We use it for our children's programs, movies and meetings.

Anytime there is nothing scheduled, the room is available for use. There are tables and chairs, easily seating 50 people.  There is movie screen for those wanting to do a Powerpoint presentation.

There are only two rules, there is no food or drinks allowed, as there are no kitchen facilities, and your meeting must take place during regular library hours.

Currently, there is no charge for the use of the Meeting Room and as long as everyone cleans up after themselves, that will remain as our policy.

The new Haubstadt Library now has capabilities for very small meetings of 6-8 people.  Persons interested in this venue must remember that the meeting must be held during hours that the library is open and there is no privacy.  Same rules for food and drink apply.

Call Fort Branch Library at 812-753-4212 or Haubstadt at 812-768-6005 to schedule.

We ask that persons who have scheduled our space that there would be a courtesy call made to the library when a decision is made to not use it.

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