How Do I?...

...and other Frequently Asked Questions

Get a Library Card?

Library cards are issued to patrons six years old and above and need a parent's signature until age sixteen. All patrons must be a resident of our library district (Union and Johnson Townships), please bring two pieces of ID, one with a photo as proof of current address and we can issue you a library card.

Get a Replacement Library Card?

Your first library card is issued without charge, replacement cards are issued for a nominal fee. From the "Policies>Fees and Fine" menu please review our policy for more information, other than that just come into the Library to get your card replaced.

Check out an E-Book?

The library has just begun to offer the Axis 360 Magic Wall Digital Library found on the library's website.  Compatible ereaders are any Android product, Apple products, Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD, Nook Tablet HD laptops, personal computers and   Patrons must download a free app onto their ereader called Blio.  Set up an account in Blio.  This is where your library ebook will be downloaded once selected.  The staff can help you with this process or you may acquire a set of instructions from the library. Once completed, you will now go into the Digital Library to select your title of choice.  At check out you will be asked for you library barcode number found on the back of the card and your pin (the last 4 digits of your phone number).  You will then be asked for your Blio account information and the ebook will be downloaded into Blio.  Use the Blio app to read your downloaded book.  Ebooks will return automatically to the Digital Library after 14 days. You may check out 4 books at a time.  Please do not hesitate to contact the library for help in this process if you experience problems.  We will be more than happy to help you.

Renew Items Borrowed?

Please call us (our phone numbers are in the footer, below) or bring the items you'd like to renew into the Library, it may be renewed unless it has been reserved for another patron. You many renew twice.  There are no renewals for movies.

Get other benefits of my Library card?

Your library card permits you to check out books, magazines, movies and digital media; most items may be borrowed except for Reference books. Additionally, your library card allows you to attend any of the programs offered by the library. You may also access our website and use our Public Access Catalog and our Digital Media Library as well as the Heritage Quest and Inspire databases from the "Resources" menu above.  The library system cards are welcome at any other Gibson County Library.  Individual library rules are applicable.

Search the Catalog?

Searching the online catalog is simple.  You may use titles, authors or keywords.  When you find what you are looking for, it will tell if the item is located at Haubstadt or Fort Branch, if the item is in or not, and if it is in normal book or ebook format.

Reserve a Title?

When looking for a particular title, you may find it has been checked out.  You can reserve a particular item by logging into "My Account" of our Public Access Catalog, find an item through the search or browse functions and click the button to reserve the Title.  Or you may simply call either Fort Branch or Haubstadt and ask one of the staff to help you.  Library numbers are listed in the footer below.

Check out Movies?

From the "Services" menu above please select "Movies, Films and DVD's" for more information about our video library. Patrons must be eighteen years of age to check out movies. There is a limit of three (3) movies per household and they are checked out to you for a period of two (2) days.

Borrow Items from another Library?

Our library belongs to the statewide reciprocal borrowing agreement which allows you to use our card at certain Indiana libraries. Call the library for information on Indiana libraries that you may borrow items from.

For those libraries that are not on the list, you must purchase a State PLAC card for a fee set by the State of Indiana to gain borrowing privileges. Our library also uses the State's interlibrary loan service and will make requests to have books sent here on your behalf free of charge. Please contact our Director, Sabrina Frederick, from our contact us page for more information and interlibrary loan procedures.

Pay Fines & Fees?

Come into the Library, our Policies section from the menu above has an item "Fees and Fines" which explains the various fees applicable.

In general, and please refer to our policies page, our fees for overdue books are 5¢ per day and movies are $ 1.00 per day.

Schedule a Meeting Room?

Contact our Library Director, Sabrina Frederick, you may call or send an email from our contact us page.

Use a Computer?

From the "Services" menu above select "Computer Lab" for extensive information about using our computers, also please review our Policies regarding computer use. Presently we have eighteen work stations in our computer lab at the Fort Branch facility that are available for patron use when the Library is open, there are also computers in the main library that dedicated for our Public Access Catalog.

Sign Up for a Class?

We have various programs and classes for adults, teens and young children, you may learn more about each particular program we offer from their respective pages. Each page provides a registration button or click here to sign up to take any of our classes or programs right now. If you'd like to talk with a Librarian about any particular program or class, our phone numbers are in the footer below for your convenience, if you are using a cell phone you may click the number for automatic dialing.

Connect to WiFi?

From the "Services" menu above please select Wifi Hotspot (or click this link) for complete instructions on how to use our Wifi services. Wi-Fi is now available and both Fort Branch and Haubstadt.  Please review our Internet and Computer Use Policy so that you understand the rules of using our Wifi internet services.


Suggest a Purchase?

Contact our Library Director, Sabrina Frederick, you may call or send an email from our contact us page; please include whether your suggestion is for a physical book or digital media.

Return Items when the Library is Closed?

Both our Fort Branch and Haubstadt libraries have outdoor return boxes, simply place the items in these containers when the Library is not open.

Make Copies, Print or Use a Fax machine?

Come into the Library, we have copy machines, printers for our computers, laminating, fax and Accu-Cut services. Learn more about our various Services we offer by clicking here or the menu above.

Black and white copies are 10¢ and color is 20¢ per page, the same rate applies to printing from a computer. Faxes are $ 2 for the first page and $ 1 for each additional page. Laminating is $ 1 per foot and our Accu-Cut machine is 25¢ per sheet when using Library's paper, or free for your own.

How Do I Log In? 1. Get your library card Barcode
2. Your SLN is your Password
3. Click "Log In"
Please note your passwordYour Subscriber Line Number (SLN) is your Public Access Catalog Password