Our Computer Lab

Public Access Computer LabThe computer lab is located in the Library Learning Center at Fort Branch, entrance is around back. The lab is open and accessible to the public featuring state of the art computer workstations with high speed internet access.

We also provide high speed wireless internet access to the public and a variety of classes including Keyboard and Coffee, Genealogical Research and more.

Fort Branch Library Computer LabLibrary computer workstations run Microsoft Windows and provide most popular web browsers plus Microsoft Office software. Check with our friendly librarians to learn the availability of software and hardware throughout our computer lab, or inform them of any special requirements you may need.

The lab provides:

  • Eighteen (18) computer workstations
  • Laminating
  • AccuCut Precision Die Cutting
  • New large widescreen monitors
  • Audio earphones;
  • copier/printer
  • Comfortable seating with additional electrical outlets and network ports for your laptop


How Do I Log In? 1. Get your library card Barcode
2. Your SLN is your Password
3. Click "Log In"
Please note your passwordYour Subscriber Line Number (SLN) is your Public Access Catalog Password