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Expecting to Die, by Lisa Jackson, is a Selena Alverez/ReganPescoli Novel. Grizzly Falls has a killer lurking in the woods, waiting for just the right victim to appear. Detective Pescoli is just waiting for her maternity leave to start. Unfortunately, a reality show decides to come to town and as the media hype takes over everything, bodies begin to be found and there are lots of places to hide and countless places to die…


In the Shadow of Denali’, by Tracie Peterson and Kimberly Woodhouse, is the first book in ‘The Heart of Alaska’ series. Cassidy Ivanoff and her father, John, work at the new Curry Hotel, at the foot of Mount McKinley or Denali, as the natives call it. John works as a guide and Cassidy works in the hotel. Everyone is doing their part to prepare for the President’s visit to drive the golden stake, officially opening the Alaska Railroad, and to dedicate the new national park. Allan Brennan arrives at the Curry is search of answers to his father’s death on the mountain years ago. Soon Allan and Cassidy team up to solve the mystery and quickly find themselves in trouble. The mountain won’t give up her secrets easily.



A Moonbow Night by Laura Frantz is set in 1777 in Kentucky, where Temperance Tucker and her family build an inn along the Shawnee River, a welcoming way station for settlers and frontiersmen. Sion Morgan and his crew of surveyors stop, looking for a guide. When Temperance is suggested, Morgan dismisses the idea, but was more than grateful many times that she was the one chosen.



Troublemaker by Linda Howard.  For Morgan Yancy, and operative and team leader in a paramilitary group, nothing comes before his job.  When he’s ambushed and almost killed, his supervisor is determined to find who’s after the members of his elite squad and why.  Morgan is ordered to lay low in a remote location and stay vigilant.  It is beginning to shape into his most dangerous mission yet, as he attempts to protect his tempting housemate, waiting out a deadly threat in the shadows and keeping under the radar.  Part-time police chief, Bo Maran, feels she’s finally gotten her life together.  She has friends, a dog and a little money in the bank.  Bo does not want the mysterious Morgan on her doorstep.  She already has her hands full of the residents of Hamrickville after a personal dispute goes violently awry.  She knows he is hiding from something.  Uncovering the truth could cost Bo her life if Morgan’s cover is blown.
























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