Read To Me

Every year, after the Summer Reading Program is over, Read To Me starts.  This time we concentrate on the little ones who can't really read alone yet. During this time anyone can read to the little ones including siblings or aunts and uncles, basically anyone the child can convince to read to them counts.

As you read 12 library books, you keep track of the titles on a sheet that you pick up as you sign your child up for the program.  After you have read the required number of books, just turn in the list and he or she is eligible for the grand prize drawing.

Any time you spend reading to your child is time well spent.  It promotes the love of reading and is a great bonding tool.  Take it as far as you want, change your voice for the different characters or act out the whole story with them.  We don't care how you do it, we just want children to learn the joy of reading and as soon as we can get that done, the better off your child will be.

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