Procedures Policy

Responsible Use of the Library

Library User Responsibilities


Services of the Library

  1. To lend books, audio books, periodicals, DVDs and other materials;
  2. To provide guidance and assistance to patrons, schools, and other institutions throughout the library system;
  3. To initiate programs to encourage the use of the library;
  4. To use the inter-library loan service and participate in the reciprocal borrowing program in securing information or resources from other libraries when requested;
  5. To maintain a computer network for public access.

Patron Use of the Library

  1. Materials can be borrowed with a valid borrower's card. A card will be issued to a new patron on the spot after the completion of an application card and proof of residency within the library's district. Two pieces of current identification must be presented with one piece having a photo. Upon receipt of the card, the patron may borrow materials and have access to library services. All cards are valid for three years.
  2. To register any children that between the ages of 6-15 for a library card, an application card must be signed by a parent/legal guardian who must also prove residency. This makes the parent/legal guardian responsible for all materials checked out by the child.
  3. Library cardholders have a certain amount of responsibility by:
    • informing the library of name and address changes;
    • caring for and returning all items checked out on the owner's library card
    • notifying the library for stolen and lost cards. If not reported, the card owner is responsible for all items checked out on the card;
    • not loaning the card to others. Owner of the card will take on the responsibility of material checked out on the card;
    • paying all fines and fees incurred on the card. Any fines and fees outstanding for greater than 90 days will result in forfeiture of library privileges until all fines and fees are paid in full.  This fee can be waived one time only.
  4. Reciprocal borrowers must show a valid hometown card to borrow materials from the Fort Branch-Johnson Township Public Library.
  5. The Fort Branch-Johnson Township Public Library is not responsible for any damage received on patron's equipment used to play borrowed DVDs.
  6. Lost or damaged library's items will result in a charge to replace the item. Charges will not exceed the replacement cost of the item.
  7. Any adult patron may request from the library that certain items be sent to them through the state-wide inter-library loan service. This is a free service provided through the state library. There is no guarantee that any particular item can be found or when a patron can expect delivery. Items when received can be picked up at the library and returned there when due. Inter-library loan items can be checked for a period that is designated by the lending library.
  8. Patrons may call or write the director concerning any complaints they may have. The director will try his/her best to come to a reasonable solution. The person registering the complaint must identify themselves in order to give their concern validity.

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