Patron Conduct in the Library

Conduct in the Library

The board of trustees expects patrons to maintain a certain standard of conduct on the library's premises. Parents are responsible for supervising their children at all times while in the library. Individuals who create disorder in any of the following situations will be ejected from the library and refused any further admittance. The staff of this library enjoys treating their patrons with respect and expects the compliment to be returned. Any problems should be brought to the attention of the director. In some cases law enforcement will be contacted.

  1. Any situation in which the actions of a person present an imminent danger to the lives or safety of others (i.e. knives, taser guns) on library premises. No firearms, without permits, alcohol or smoking is allowed on the premises.
  2. Any situation in which a person's behavior is inappropriate to the use of the library for the purposes for which it is legally constituted. Inappropriate behavior includes, but is not limited to, loitering, gambling, voyeurism, smoking, public intoxication, use of obscene language, molestation, eating, drinking, and solicitation.
  3. Any situation in which a person is observed attempting to steal library property or that of another library user, or trying to maliciously destroy or vandalize library property or that of another library user.
  4. Any situation in which a child or children are unsupervised and are disruptive. It behooves a parent to know what their children are doing at all times. Unsupervised children will be picked up prior to closing time. A staff member will stay a reasonable time for a child or children to be picked up. If the time becomes unreasonable or situation reoccurs, the police will be called to find care for the child or children.
  5. Any situation in which cell phone usage is disturbing to the public library environment.

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