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The Library is the place where imaginations thrive and goals are never too high! 

The Annual Book Sale will open on Thurs, July 24 and lasting through Sat,  Aug 30 at the Fort Branch Library Learning Center.  Hours are:  Mon, 10-noon; Tues, 5-7 pm; Wed, 10-noon; Thurs 1-3 pm; Fri 1-3 pm; Sat 1-3 pm.  Bargain prices on everything.

Books Clubs coming your way in September.  Fort Branch Page Burners will meet Sept 9 at the Fort Branch Library at 6 pm.  Haubstadt Hot Topics will meet at the Haubstadt Library, Sept 11, also at 6 pm.  The book for discussion is The Noticer by Andy Andrews.  Both libraries have this book on the shelf and others are being borrowed from other libraries.  Most will be available by August 1.  Please register.  Call Sabrina at 753-4212 with questions.

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